New York (2017-2018)
Project info

Giacomo Brunelli's New York series belongs to a long and rich photographic tradition of celebrated photographers (Paul Strand, Berenice Abbott, Lisette Model, William Klein and Robert Frank) who brought a new visual intensity and originality to photographing the city. New York is the result of his constant walking, often for ten hours a day, chancing upon particular things that sparked Brunelli's interest be that the shape of a hat, a piece of clothing or demeanour of a person. Adopting the position of voyeur or spy, he follows his prey until he alights on the right time to create the image. Brunelli's aesthetic is personal, inspired by a film-noir sense of disquietude.
By pushing the lens to the closest point of focus, almost touching the subject, he suggests a very close intimacy with these strangers, whilst at the same time respecting their anonymity.
Brunelli shoots with a 1962 Miranda and prints in his darkroom.