About Time, homemade greetings from Lewis Koch: New Years cards over the years
Project info

For more than four decades, Lewis Koch has been creating New Years cards to the delight and occasional bewilderment of his friends. Koch’s annual tradition of card-making uses collage, photography, drawing, xerox and wordplay in contemplation of the transient nature of time-- mourning the passing of another year while celebrating the next.

All photographs and design, typography and text are by Lewis Koch (unless otherwise noted), and handmade in unnumbered editions of 50 up to 250.

Beginning with the 1996 card, "Another Prisoner-of-Time Production" became the imprint name for the ongoing series.

The annual cards (1980-2005) were first exhibited with their ephemeral sources in a 2005 show "About Time: 25 Years of Lewis Koch's New Years Cards", at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Kohler Art Library. Installation views can be seen at the conclusion of this project gallery.