Between Two Shores
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Human and his space – two interacting elements that are essential to the soul that is working, creating, thinking and, most importantly, searching. Maybe it is not a coincidence that person always choses to stay close to the water as the water always connects with other matter. But what if it is a space between two waters?

Curonian Spit is rich by two shores – Baltic sea, that is washing it’s eastern border, and Curonian lagoon, that separates this narrow strip of land from the main lands. By being right in the middle of it person is never too far from one or another shore – one or another source of creative energy. Maybe that is why this small land was and is so dear to many artists, creators and thinkers where they found themselves to be most inspired.

And maybe it is not a coincidence that this land that sometimes resembles whole different planet is divided in such an interesting ratio. If you share the land evenly to every person living there you would get a very close number of π (3,14159), that somehow supposes the golden ratio of human and his space.

Here space is supposed to be heard, smelled, absorbed, felt with all the possible senses – eyes do not show enough. Here you need to hear the whispering of the ancient forests, the wailing of the girls for the old Griekinė linden tree or the waving of the amber bay, telling the great history of this sacred place. You need to feel anxiety created in the air by the alien birds and to find an inner peace by meeting the sun in one shore and to bid her farewell in the other.