Diverse Lithuania
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154. This is the number of different nationalities living in Lithuania. And for a country that has a population of merely 3 million of people, this number is striking.

For some nationalities it’s almost a half a millennium living here, coming along with Vytautas the Great, for others – just couple of decades, or even years, but every story is different and very interesting. They all live here and call Lithuania their new home.

I feel great responsibility to make every single nation in Lithuania visible. To show every nation and give them the floor to share their own view of our country. Whether it’s an open letter of love, or just a moment to share their feelings, but it is all somehow connected with their emotions about Lithuania.

To me the unity of a nation is found not in its ability to preserve the nationality but exactly the opposite – to embrace others and to live in peace with everyone.

I dedicate this ongoing series to my beloved Lithuania that is celebrating 100 years of independence in 2018.