Project info

Pompei Intra-Extra came from a biggest project about Pompei and the territory around the ancient city. The beauty and the charm of the archaeological site and the modern city which has been built all around it seem to be two elements totally unrelated to each other. This land is densely inhabited but today it seems impermeable to be humanized. The urban and territorial structure as well as the social fabric of today's Pompei appear foreign and impermeable to the archaeological area. The blocks of flats and houses which have proliferated around the ancient city tell an incoherent story, dictated by a disorderly use of the territory. When visiting some residences inside the site one is struck by the wisdom with which Pompei was conceived and built and by its beauty inextricably associated with technical mastery. On leaving, the eyesore of the disorder in a place that over the last one hundred years has undergone a random urbanization, in which it is difficult to trace the same beauty, functionality and liveability.