Tidal Volumes of the Hudson River
Project info

Photography extends my way of seeing and processing the world. In my still and video work I explore the places and moments where photographic vision begins to exceed the limits of human perception.
These images are built from photographs made by repeatedly re-photographing rear screen projected moving images of the Hudson River. The resulting composite photographic prints, individually titled for their place and time of capture, reveal not only layered images of the river but the light of the projector lamp itself and the imperfections and limitations of the mechanical capture of the camera's digital sensor and lens. The images become increasingly distorted each time the process is repeated and shift in appearance as their degradation brings forth a new beauty. In this process of I create altered photographic realities.
My interests in photography are less about what is depicted in a photographic image than what the work reveals about the nature of the medium itself. My work is driven by investigations into the particular ways cameras see and interpret light. I am interested in creating visual playing fields around photography, allowing the light that defines images to become the subject of images themselves. Fused with these pursuits, I consider the ways in which modes of production begin to influence the image itself and how the photographic process creates its own reality.

This series is titled "Tidal Volumes of the Hudson River" as a gesture to link our relationship with the rhythms of nature. A sister video work, "Sitting in a Room," may be viewed on vimeo. https://vimeo.com/74019063