Project info

The origin of life is water, we come from water and we are water. Although it is not our natural element we have always interacted in one way or another with it. And this does not escape our unconscious. Life, movement, sensations, freedom, water as a space of sensory suspension, in a close relationship of man with that element, even in spite of the vital air that we lack to be inside of it. This is my particular vision through the objective. My photography leads here to an ambiguous vision between calm and agitation, playing with the possibilities of blue, in a duality inherent to the human being. We can not live in water, but we can not live without it as a source of life. Movement, calm and tension intersect in my gaze, in a game between the human figure and the liquid element, in an abstraction that takes us unconsciously into the maternal womb where we fight to get out. My photography is characterized by this metaphorical language, where real spaces converge with interpretation, sometimes opposite, such as life and death, inside and outside, stillness and movement, man and water. Here converge, ultimately, the reality and my personal vision where photography is nothing more than a tool to highlight that reality that changes permanently but that lasts in my unconscious.