Project info

#NotMe is a project born in 2017 with the aim of inviting women to cancer prevention. For this reason, in the first published photos I used a Hipstamatic set called Stand Up To Cancer and I chose to convert these too. In Italy there is still shame to say that you have to feel the breasts and do all the checks so as not to have problems in the future. I chose the symbol of self-deprivation most felt in a woman: to cut her hair. It is the symbol of the most painful cuts that can be avoided with prevention. Sometimes I chose more realistic poses, others I preferred a symbolic intent putting the scissors in the center of the picture, a daily instrument that can become lethal from harmless. All have their faces against the wall as self-constraint. Of no one can see the face because behind that hair there can be any woman.
Given the dramatic increase in murder and violence against women, I would like to extend the #NotMe motto to all women who suffer violence. Reporting immediately is the only solution and these new photos are an invitation to all not to suffer as if it were an obligatory destiny.