Stacked & Shelved, photographs of books (2015)
Project info

When invited to make an exhibit of my work at Madison's (WI) new central library, I immediately thought of books. Of course. Books are the lifeblood of libraries. Books are in my blood. They have long been a subject of my photography, seen in their various guises and habitats, intermingling visual representations of image and text. The examples shown here are drawn from the project's three groupings: “A Scattering of books, a miscellany of shelves”- accumulated images made over the past few years; “Ex Libris: What Madison is (and is not) reading”- examining the interiors of the outdoor book boxes known as Little Free Libraries; and “Stacks and spines”- reprising assembled friezes of books, from my last garage installation (see Garageography, also in the Projects section).