Project info

"Solitaire" is my second series of surreal pictures after "Reality Rearranged". In this series I keep exploring how to visualize abstract concepts like feelings or thoughts, how to express the subconscious with pictures.

I think "Solitaire" is a suitable title for this kind of work. The stuff that goes on inside your mind, like your thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams and decision-making are something that in its essence is yours alone. It is a game you play by yourself, like a game of solitaire.

Despite this I do think the concepts and thoughts born in self reflection are universal for all of us, we all carry the same set of feelings inside us, and we all in our own way search for answers, trying to make sense of life, the world and being.
I want my pictures to connect to the viewer on this basic level and invite to reflection and I hope you can find something in them that in some way connects to your own game of solitaire.