Table stories, hidden portraits
Project info

In the here shown portrait shots neither the model nor the shown garment plays a special role. Even some pictures are completely without articles. The pictures should much more transport a feeling, a story which cumulates in the question of what that's all about and who stands behind the shown picture .
Just as the models hide, the promotional purpose hides .Clothes and body are cut, the background merges with the foreground. Therein lies, so as in the narrative and humorous character, the tenor of the work. Elements from comics, film and art history and everyday life situations collide. Where just a real woman seemed to lay, the ground turns to be the pure color space, the girl under the table is reminiscent of Botticellis Venus, Batmans bride, Tattoos look like clothes and a dress becomes an ornamental pattern. Tables changes into a painting surface. Humor plays a big role, humor and the freedom to tell absurd stories . Everything is composition and photography is the transformer to call up associations and stories set in motion in the mind of the beholder. Everything is subordinated to this composition. This purpose is only generated and created by the attention of the strange and the mystery the picture causes . The composition and character of the pictures is completely dominated by the laws of painting, and creates the total contrast to the usual high-gloss illustrations for advertising and fashion photography.