Our Historical memory: Rest Homes
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In Italy, like in Europe, we have a big expansion of private retirement homes with the increase of 40% of beds in the last ten years in the face of an application for assistance to seniors growing with the increase in population over 65 that already now exceeds 13.5 million people. This is given by the gradual ageing of the population, by the life expectancy that is becoming more and more and by other factors that are making the retirement homes a crucial point of assistance in our societies but the underlying problem is that often these structures are stereotypic, seen as places dejected, like hospices, but it is not so also. The retirement home are important places because first of all there are human, workers, and our historical memory, a treasure of our “grandparents”. The majority of workers and guests, often are women, although in recent years, the reversal of the negative sense, has also brought male figures Inside. What I wanted to do is to show both the beauty of these structures, and the beauty of those who work inside and of those who are guests, especially women, who are the majority