Outside Syria, Outside Camps
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Since the beginning of the Syrian revolution in 2011, the Syrian people have had flee the fights, the poverty, the radical groups, etc. Some stay in Syria, others manage to reach bordering countries. In Turkey, refugee camps are full, the conditions there are relatively good, but a part of the refugees remain outside the camps because of lack of space. They are on their own, without legal status.

Along the 800km common border between Syria and Turkey, in cities as Reyhanli, Akçakale, Killis, Karkamis or in small villages lining the border, there is a small scale part of the Syrian society : families refugees, volunteer of the FSA or the Islamic Front at rest, Generals and Colonels, civil activists, journalists, deserters, former student, and foreigner coming to make their Jihad, humanitarian workers having driven about fifteen ambulances from England to Syria, wounded soldiers impatient to return to the fight in spite of heavy wounds and others wondering what their life are going to be after loosing several limbs.

All these people live close to one another, while only 200 meters farther, they would be jumping at each others throats.

The relation between captions and pictures is not always linear. Picture are sometimes used as metaphorical material, which the caption support. Some testimony are powerful/hard enough by themself to let them speak to your mind while a picture not directly related will help you complete the understanding.