Behind Four Walls, Dementia
Project info

Dementia is a broad category of brain disease that affects thinking, memory, behavior and emotion. Over 35.6 million people are affected and it is estimated to increase by double the numbers in the forthcoming years. Although everyone is aware of dementia, it is kept privatized between each home and this not only affects the person afflicted, however it also affects everyone around them as they have to adjust, restrict and take some control over the person's life.

Without the long conversations between myself and my subject, this body of work would not have been complete. The photographs produced for this project reflect each conversation. In addition to this, some of the photographs where specific moments that happen to take place due to my subjects illness of memory loss. This would mean that each time I entered her space I would had to introduce myself, however this not only made the project more challenging it has caused great eagerness as to what to expect next.