First Year
Project info

For me every image needs to be a unique.

As painters paints a painting I seek for the uniqueness of every image.
A reproduced painting can’t be an exact copy in contrast to photography unless the maker finds that the image is not ready after print.
Better even it is the beginning.

The power of photography lies in the ability to catch the moment and the weakness that this moment can be endlessly reproduced with now a days techniques.

I believe that the whole process should be about the feel of that moment from the point I choose to make the photo until the point the ink is fixed on the paper.

The last 3 years I have been seeking new ways of creating. Disciplines I used where 3 dimensional installations, silkscreen and lithography which brought me to a mixture I use today.

The result is a unique image with no possibility of making an exact copy without creating subtle or less subtle differences which creates on their turn a different feel in the image.

I believe that communicating through images is a way of storytelling, sharing our thought and feels.
This is not a list of facts but rather sharing an experience in an emotional way.
I want to give the viewer a framework where I determine the feel, the exact story is created by the fantasy of the viewer themselves in correspondence to their own lives and experiences.

Something I call “a story needs to felt and not understood”