The Landscape of Murder
Project info

The Landscape of Murder is a photographic series documenting all the sites where murders have occurred in London, United Kingdom between January 1st, 2011 and December 31st, 2012. I have photographed 210 sites where a murder has occurred. My aim is to give memory to what are mostly forgotten events, unseen places, landscapes where great violence has occurred. A violence that is mostly silent, private and unseen to the wider public. Most murders that take place rarely make the news and if they do occupy the news for a fleeting time. The Landscape reverts back to normality quickly after the forensic teams leave. Yet the scar is there, sometimes subtle, sometimes very open, whether it’s a single solitary flower or grieving family and friends. Sometimes there is nothing to show that a life has ended violently on the spot.. The project has taken me to parts of London I knew little or nothing about. In the process of documenting these murder sites the project has created an alternative portrait of London, one shaped by violence and inequality.