On the margin of the day
Project info

The "margin of the day" is that place where everything goes and nothing is perceived by the simple look - you need to see beyond what the eye can see to grasp the essence.
In the urban sphere it is more what escapes the eye than what is seen and sees only those who strive for it. Small gestures, behavioral fragments, transitions ... and solitude. We are alone, despite being constantly accompanied, surrounded by countless people.
These photos seek to highlight , almost graphically, the life that exists beyond the everyday, fragmenting it and highlighting the moment of its context, leading the observer to complete the underlying story. Highlighting also the human element in its “accompanied solitude”, using as background of places of great affluence of people to highlight the individual.
Strong light and shadow, as well as the absence of color, or, in other words, the use of black and white, subjugate and condition the eye, forcing to see the essence of the subject photographed.
Human presence is essential, mandatory, in the urban environment. We shape nature according to our will and interact with the el strangely - almost taking lifelong learning how to deal with these changes. However, the real interaction, having seized the essential theories, appears banal, transparent, requiring an effort of comprehension that escapes the eye. It is also possible to move away from the attachment and focus on what is "on the edge of the day", because it is the margin of the day that reflects the essence of life
It is this reflection that was sought to make in this project , letting the light highlight that moment, to hide in the shadow the daydream of the look.