The 5th Annual Textile Art of Today 2018/2019
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Elizabeth Koning work is chosen by the Commission of Curators of the 5th Annual Textile Art of Today 2018/2019 . Fajnorovo nábrežie, 811 02Bratislava, Slovak Republic

400 artists from 49 countries across 5 continents have signed up for the 5th Textile Art of Today.
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Cantù lace once again conquers the world and becomes the star of a shooting of the famous Dutch photographer Elizabeth Koning. The trader was enchanted by the fine workmanship of the product canturino and decided to make it the protagonist of a series of pictures taken in his studio in Amsterdam with its unmistakable style.

To link to this project was the photographer canturino Walter Gumiero, among the most appreciated professionals for interior furnishings at the heart of the Italian Design and a friend of the photographer: "when Walter showed me the lace-up asking me if I was concerned for a photo I answered Yes immediately! I was fascinated by its beauty and I couldn't do anything but ask to have it available for a couple of days so that we can take some pictures and put them in my portfolio, "says the photographer.
A love of Italian craftsmanship that goes way back: "I lived for 15 years in Italy, in Milan, and so I know appreciate critically all your crafts offers, I really like the idea that all this has been created by hand and for this I wanted to immortalize it giving my side of the representation of the object ".

Photos of Elizabeth Koning, in fact, are never banal, the light and the colors resemble the Flemish painting, the region from which so much that at first glance his pictures can almost look like paintings.