Earthquake - Memoryland
Project info

The 24th August 2016 there was the earthquake in center Itay, when died 303 people. The origin of part of my family come from this area. We lost 2 house, to say the truth, our houses resisted well to earthquake but other buildings fell down over them. I'm a photographer and normally I tell stories like this. In this case there was a sort of dichotomy inside me more strong than other time. I remember the night of August with my dubt: take the photo camera or go to my parents. Naturally I chose the second one.
The following moments I began to take pictures and a project was born on the earthquake (that is enriched and composed of several stories). Perhaps starting to take photo I had the necessity of understand where I came from. I used the shift lens because it was the right tool to represent the dichotomy, the division in my approach. A dreamlike atmosphere vision of a fantastic land with which man hasn't more been able to speak, interact. This is how man is lost and man loses. The camera is a filter but I wanted another one. The classical narration tells the earthquake as something bad. The earthquake is in the earth nature, the earth that lives and changes and she moves herself.