Tsukiji - The last night
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When I start from Nagoya to Tokyo I don't know very well what are waiting me. I read that the last night of the world biggest fish market will be on October 6 but the visits are prohibited since the September 29. I am in this train at 6pm of October 5 and maybe I am going literally clashing against a wall. By the way I met a guy watch over the main entrance. My good japanese and his good mood are my luck. I am in.
The market is full of people who drive fast forklifts, hundreds of trucks and many people but a surreal silence.
This is the last night, the next five days are dedicated to the move. October 11 they will be in Toyosu. I read that more then 80% of fishmongers were against the move. For reasons of igiene (the new site was contaminated) and for economic reason (tourist will be disappear easily).
My desire to document the last night of this market is multiple. I am always surprised how japanese people suffer decisions from above without clamorous protests and second one the ease with which they decide to do a mere parking instead of the largest fish market in the world. The Japanese impermanence culture is always a shock for me and only assimilating it could be my salvation.