Family Stories
Project info

Family Stories is a result of an exploration of my family's history. The motivation behind the production of this book was to find out about my own identity, of who I am and where I'm from, and particularly to deal with unresolved issues I had in regards to my fathers death when I was 13.

I was born in Australia to Polish parents and have spent my life living in both Australia and Poland respectively. The research process that led to this book and the knowledge I gained, from my family and friends of the family, provided me with an amazing learning experience. It was cathartic. I gained a deeper insight into my family's history and consequently a better understanding of myself.

I enjoy the fact that the book of images itself is a platform for multiple interpretations. Each viewer comes to the book with their own views and knowledge and connects to the the work in different ways. This is a strength of photography, which I love to explore in my work.