That House On The Corner
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If you grew up in lower or middle class America at some point and time in your neighborhood you had “That House On The Corner” that was just a little bit different then everyone else. Whether it was the old veteran who yelled at everyone that walked by, or the house that the cops were always at because the husband and wife were fighting again. Maybe at some point and time you were that house on the corner, you didn’t really understand why all your friends around you seemed to have it a little bit better. Their parents gave them rides to school while you were stuck walking because your mom was at home sobering up on the couch. Or you noticed that all the kids called you the smelly kid because your parents smoked cigarettes around you and your clothes were from the Goodwill.
This is on on going project of an American family in Central Alabama dealing with sometimes larger than life problems. They are in the inside looking out. They do what they have to do survive and make it to the next day. They are That House On The Corner.