Norwegian Seascapes by Fine Art Photographer Sturla Strand
Project info

The Nordic light and the sea have always been a great source of inspiration for me. I live in Son, a little community situated by the sea just a few miles outside Oslo. During a period of 15 years I have tried to capture the fantastic scenery that frequently takes place just a brisk walk from where I live. I tend to see what I like to photograph in black and white. I have a few special places I like to visit often daily over the course of the year. Even though the places are the same, the weather conditions constantly change. I often feel that I visit a new place every time I am there. All the photographs, with the exception of Sunset 2 were shot with a 6x6 medium format camera.

I tend toward a minimalist ethic, much in keeping with many Norwegian artists. A straight-forward, honest depiction of my subject matter, with no attempt to make it appear to be more than it is or infuse more meaning than what is represented. No tricks, no frills. A restrained eye for a calm, natural, unembellished beauty. Since I often use the square format in black and white this also reinforces this approach.

Fine Art Photographer Sturla Strand, February 13, 2014.