Inner Self
Project info

This project is a series of symbolic self portraits where I'm seeking my 'inner self'. They are all created using several photographs put together as digital photo collages, and I have used photographs of different objects and places that has a special meaning to me.

We live in a world where we rarely have time to see ourselves or reflect on what we are.

In Swami Paramananda Maharaj's words, borrowed from the book 'Naturality and Love':

"Do not see yourself with the eyes of others, see yourself with your own eyes. Develop your own power of introspection. You must remember that life is expressed in the external world but its roots are internal. If you want to move towards those roots pay no heed to others' comments and opinions. You will have to know 'What am I' and you will have to reach to the centre of that 'I' or your identity. You will have to seek your own 'I'."