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This project is the motif of cherry blossom that symbolizes the Japanese. I will represent the spirit and aesthetics of Japanese that was hidden in the cherry blossoms.
Opportunity was the Great East Japan Earthquake. The material civilization that we believed keenly realized that it was powerless for power of nature. When we were reconsider what is the richness we asking, I knew the activity to plant cherry trees in land that was affected to a large tsunami. By planting a cherry tree in the ancient times special relationship with the Japanese in the tsunami arrival point, and telling damage beyond the generations, it is to save the life of future generations. If so, I thought might have left a message that our ancestors also want to tell us to cherry blossoms. So I decided to research the history of the relationship of cherry blossoms and Japanese. It is essential to research the waka poetry and haiku poetry (Japanese traditional poetry) to investigate the old Japanese culture. Then from Heian period (from AD 794) Japan began building their own culture. I have found that prominent writers have been left many poetry of cherry blossoms. I thought that the message to posterity is put in the poetry. There is possibility famous writers were adviser for the dynasty which aims to civilization nation-building.
These poetry, people exist with nature, represent a humble and gentle delicate heart. This can imagine that there was a really tasteful culture. This is a mind we should be maintained.
It has long been said to be one of the era was over, we still do not draw even blueprint of the future of the era. There is a spirit of ancestors wanted to leave. I want to give to future generations of people to put their spirit to cherry blossom photos expressed in new digital fain art. Future, when we have a crisis, such as more than the imagination, spirituality and aesthetics should this peoples returns continue to exist in the cherry blossoms.