Double I
Project info

The double ,I is a work Of double exposure that I realized with Belgian musician: An Pierlé.
Initially, I worked on a relationship between nature and the subject.
An made piano music. In other words, an analog music.
The use of photographic analog made sense.
Refer together analog and nature, was stand out the nature / subject.
Nature is palpable, visible. The piano and the artist on stage too. Similarly, the film and also the chemistry.
There was also a correlation with An musical work that spoke about strange days.

After this first work, I plunged back into her discography. I lingered over a lot of her firsts songs: Siamese Twins.
Based on this idea, the idea of the artist's split has made its way. In the immediacy (of instant film) and the time of the shooting.

After the second shot, came a time of reflection. Based on a photograph I had done, I decided to transform a camera.
I chose a toy camera, a Diana F +, and I redesigned it based on the scene costume this photo shoot.

In a sense, I recreated a mirror object.
An object in which the model was reflected herself.
It is for this purpose and this idea that was born the third duplication project.