Yellow Vests
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In Novenber 2018, took place in Champs-Élysées first unauthorized demonstration of Yellow Vests (as protesters call themselves in reference of the safety jackets in cars.) Originally a driver protest against gaz taxes rises, then the protest took broader claims against cost of life, cost cuts on hospitals and public services in periurban spaces and countryside.
Then every saturday there's demonstrations and riots in main cities of France. More than 4 month after the first one, violence became chronical on both sides, rioters are rioting and french government received a warning from United Nations for use of violence against demonstrators and press.. Claims became wider, and democratic issues of representative democracy and the political use of violence came across public debate.
Today, in early April nobody see a way out in the country and in a long-term perspective France society seems as divided as Great-Britain, USA, Italy or Spain where there no convincing answer from governments to their people about social inequality, democratic issues and failing to produce acts against climate changes.