Invisible Cities
Project info

These photographs are prompted by my interest in the representation of a place, the process of arriving at this representation, and my physical and intellectual engagement with a place and process. I am particularly interested in the notion and ephemeral nature of structure, location, and process; physically, psychologically, photographically, and virtually. I consider the city and the photographic medium transitional; organic things that are constantly in flux, both physically and intellectually.

In my photographs I am not looking for the summarizing image of a place but the transitional: the space between completion and collapse, between time and place. In the resulting photographs, Invisible Cities, I attempt to reinvent the idea, representation, and physical form of cities, but more importantly the photographs that define and describe them. I utilize the photographic process as a way to explore this notion as well as the more suggestive and poetic qualities of the medium. The resulting photographs are as much informed by my experiences in such places as by my relationship to the physical and intellectual underpinnings of the photographic medium that serve as a record of these experiences and interactions.