Project info

This is a part of a small project I'm working on.
The photos are mostly about the town that I come from, Tivat, and some nearby locations too.
I am not a fan of taking ordinary photographs that truly represent these towns, like going to Paris and taking photos of the Eiffel Tower.
I love going beyond, to hidden locations, out of sight, where the true beauty lies. Not only beauty, but the spirit of the town.
One part of this series is Kotor, where photos are mostly taken around the town, it is neat (more or less), well looked after. The other part is an island which is a part of Tivat, completely forgotten and neglected, yet it holds such beauty. The locals behavior is reflected through nature and their filthy surroundings.
We should all take care of nature, of whatever surrounds us.
That's where we live, that's where our children will live. We should be making this a better place, not worse.