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This photo was taken on January 14, 2016, it was a reference point and the beginning of my career in art photography. Because of this photo, I began to take part in international photography contests. This is my favorite photo.
Salvador Dali considered the rhino horn an ideal logarithmic spiral, the most perfect form in the nature. In addition, he compared the rhino with the unicorn, a mythical animal, a symbol of chastity. Photography in which Dali stands face to face with a rhinoceros was taken in 1952. They gave him a coat and a hat resembling a rhinoceros horn, as if imitating a beloved animal. The photo was made by Philip Halsman.
This bird in the photo, adores the rhinoceros more than other animals, because there is always an incredible number of larvae on its huge naked body. The bird is not only a personal surgeon and a loyal friend, but also a personal guard of the beast: if it hears some suspicious noise, it immediately screams and starts pecking the rhinoceros in its ears, warning of the danger.

Photo Awards
1. FIAP Gold Medal, VISION Photo ART - 2016, Czech Republic 2. Salon HM, TORONTO Salon - 2016, Canada
3. FIAP Gold Medal, GOLDEN WOMEN -2016, Russia
4. UPI Gold, Balkan Dream - 2016 , Photo Club Arizona, Serbia
5. FIAP HM, NEWI BI Continental Photo Circuit -2016, Greece
6. PSA Gold Medal, NEWI BI Continental Photo Circuit -2016, United Arab Emirates
7. Honorable Mention , Sienna Photo Awards - 2016, Italy
8. The Winner, Black & Wite Photography, 35 AWARDS - 2016
9. CFFU Gold Medal, Indian Summer -2017, Czech Republic
10. GPU Gold Medal, 2-nd International Circuit Camera Obscura - 2017, Macedonia
11. FIAP Bronze Medal, Objective , LENS NGO - 2017, Armenia
12. PSA Gold Medal, New York - Manhattan - 2017, ART Bureau, USA
13. FSS Gold Medal, 3-rd Circular Exhibition of Photography Tower Circuit-2017, Kula, Serbia
14. Salon Silver Medal, 3-rd Circular Exhibition of Photography Tower Circuit-2017, Ruma
15. Salon HM, 3-rd Circular Exhibition of Photography Tower Circuit-2017, Novi Sad, Serbia
16. PSA Ribbon, Uzbekistan Photo Salon -2017, Neformat Photo Club, Russia
17. FIAP Bronze Medal, The 9-th International Artistic Photo Contest in Vietnam -2017
18. GPU HM, 6-th Greek Photographic Circuit - 2018, Santorin, Greece
19. Bronze medal FIAP, 13th FIAP World Cup - 2018, individual photo
20. Bronze FIAP Medal, category Nature, Award Ceremony The Night of the CHAMPIONS, TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT-2019, Austria, Linz
21. FIAP Gold Medal, 12th International Photographic Salon Varna - 2019, Bulgaria