Busy Faifoo's Horbour
Project info

It was a trip decided by my wife and I was so excited when I read through its information from the internet.

I know there must be something awaiting me to photograph with its well-preserved Ancient Town, canals, especially local fisherman activities and the local lifestyle.

I choose to present all photos in monochrome because it was too messy and untidy during the whole activities underway. So it will lead your visual focus more on the story telling rather distract by the colourful background.

The most interesting things in my street photography, I always hunting for a split second and keep changing my perspectives at the same time. I go on photograph until the motif no longer interests me or until I end up with a top picture.

I always believe that a good street photo is an interplay between luck and stamina. Practically take time and there are no short cuts. Any person can take good street photographs with learn to imagery and many times of practice.