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A journey of coping with AIDS in its first period in a series of portraits of survivors. The protagonists have gone through a long period of fear, free hatred and hard social exclusion, exposing the ignorance of an intolerant society with prejudice and without compassion, respect for others, language and others.
The dinosaurs, those infected with HIV in the 80's and 90's, were able to rebuild their lives. Today, with the advance of medicine and proper treatment, the disease is no longer fatal and endemic as it was, but the stigmas, prejudices and free hatred still exist as a corrupting force in our society in every layer of our existence here and now. The exhibition is a demonstration of power of the survivors and a reminder that hatred towards the other, prejudice and racism is still a social disease that needs treatment.
The exhibition is also important as a reminder of the heroic struggle for medical, legal and moral rights when the dinosaurs were the pioneers and testers of drugs and treatments that promoted the medicine that within twenty years turned the disease into a chronic, clinically ill patient.
I knows the process as a personal journey, feels the hatred and elimination of existence from society, fears of a disease that kills in agony. I stood there beside friends who could not survive and went through the first treatments. I also went immediately to the struggle and a member of the first pioneers who fought for the community of carriers and AIDS patients and in general. I m is also a dinosaur and lives a life of health and contribution to society with years of social work, youth work and management of community centers.
I presents an exhibition of portraits in photography and manages to bring the personality of each dinosaur.I studied photography and opened a new way with this first exhibition, as a personal and professional statement.
I invites u all to remember, with a message of compassion and love of man and the power of a dinosaur.