Finding Yourself
Project info

I have been diving in the Mexican cenotes for a long time, and I have always been fascinated by the natural beauty and magic held within them. It is a representation of an endless source of inspiration and bewilderment, both by their intrinsic naturalistic beauty, but also by their history and spiritual meaning. The ancient Mayans, believed that the location of the origins of life could be found in the water, it was considered a place where life emerges and regenerates. The cenotes were considered sacred powerful and symbolic places that represented the gateway to the spiritual underworld, to the afterlife, a place of rebirth.

This cenotes series is associated with a journey of self-discovery, a search for the roots of life.
The images address issues of how we connect as human beings, with ourselves, and in consequence, with life and nature. I believe that today, the heavy use of technology and great focus on material things have distorted and created an immense feeling of separation between our lives and all living creatures on the planet. It is as if we have become “disconnected” from our true wild nature, creating devastating consequences for all forms of life on this planet. The images explore how our fears and our egos interfere with the experience of our true selves, and how, if we could overcome these fears and live accordingly, we could reconnect again with all other forms of life with the conviction of becoming one with them.

They are an invitation to reflect on the importance of connecting with our wild selves, to go deep inside, into the core essence of our human existence, to then become one with nature and reestablish a connection with all living things that surround us. It becomes the exploration of our own fears and unconsciousness because I believe that we become our own worst enemies, capable of self-destruction and corruption of life on this planet. Yet I also believe that by overcoming our fears and living our lives accordingly, the only possible result of our actions is love. After that we might have something really special and valuable to share with the rest of the world...

The human presence in the cenotes, with its profound meaning as a place of rebirth, represents this deeper connection humanity can have with life, once we make the effort of connecting first with our wild nature. It becomes a rebirth of the human spirit, the one that will care and protect nature and all forms of life.