The Wave Breaking Was a White Horse
Project info

The Wave Breaking Was a White Horse is an archaeological examination of the imaginary topography of an island, where the materiality of organic matter becomes synthetic, and ritual is deployed as a mechanism of cleansing. A place which holds the continuances of memory, tragedy, and epochal shift, but buries them in salt and resurrects them into their own mythologies, imbued with the histories they carry, along with the narratives they will become.

This multidisciplinary installation draws on sculptural manipulations and digital fabrications of the photographic image, using video, laser engraving, heat-form and metal sculpting, 3D scanning and printing, and photographs encased in resin to elevate the organic, earth-based ephemera of the subject material to its cosmological other.

The island acts as both graveyard and nursery for these requisite elements; a place for organic matter to deteriorate while it is reborn into artificial counterparts, devoid of its history and imbued with new intent; buried in salt as cleansing ritual and opening of portal for the uncovering of something universal: a cosmological counterpart to suffering, rooted in the sublime.