photograph with pin scratchings "physical address" series
Project info

My works are self-portrait.
I think for photographer, their own body can be only others in that they can never see their body through the view finder.
I was developing them in a dark room, and scratch the surface of photographic paper with a tiny safety pin to draw with it.
The act is lead me that deviation from subjectivity and decent into subconsciousness. It feel me that find good and evil beyond a human primordial desire.

Some of works in this series was printed by digital negative films.
Sometimes, I had scratching image's edge on film by sandpaper.

Theme of this series is our body and awareness.
Those that can be recognized as the storage, that in own brain, or in stimulus itself from the outside, or in others of recognition and specific location exists precisely to the sense of such precursor aroma and lights and feelings becomes a trigger in every day.
I drawing that floating around are present in the relationship between them appear and disappear memories that can not be captured.