Standing in the Light
Project info

My work challenges the presentation and representation of women in sport. Images influence women’s view of themselves and feed social conditioning to measure expectations, talent and success.

I redress the distinct lack of the female voice and point of view within sports photography. This perspective is being overlooked despite its relevance and importance. I believe it is more interesting to start a new conversation with our audience, fifty percent of which is female.

Undertaking this work I experienced that seeing the strength in others is contagious. I began with interviews, attended training sessions and spent time with the athletes to get a better understanding of what drives them.

The benefits of sport have enriched my life and developed resilience. My aim is to present an alternative interpretation of femininity and discover the depth and strength of its capacity. Sport builds communities and empowers people regardless of age, gender and background.

Standing in the Light is about championing women whose empowerment comes from sport, training and determination. Challenging and conquering adversity is a universal and powerful emotion.

Visual beauty and aesthetic grabs an audience’s attention, but more interesting is the talent and the journey behind the stories. We all face our own personal battles so this message is relatable. My aim is to capture the empowered form and true determined grace of the female body to inspire everyone.