my little precious friends book (a real face book)
Project info

"Friend" is an important but often abused word, old as the human kind, necessary in our life to be lived thoroughly.
Meet each other, live a common experience, share intents, ideals, affinities or an unexplained common feeling about time and way of living, drive us to use this word that bears the eternity of a moment.
You can become forever friends after a few and intense minutes or rediscover old friends meeting them after decades.
A picture has the power to stop time with a click and watching those images after years with different eyes will give me the opportunity to "preserve" those friendships.

In the Facebook era friends seem to multiply exponentially due to our carelessness, superficiality and to the loneliness hidden behind the infinite possibilities of sharing and participating.
Of course all of us know who the real friends are at the end, we are not stupid.
However this is not my cup of tea and that's why I've decided to create this project called "a little precious book of friends".
The project consists of several handmade books, each of them containing portraits of ten friends - ten because friends can be counted on the fingers of a hand - each one with its irrefutable evidence of DNA, a strand of hair, that proves to me that they are really in there, a real book of faces.
I started this project in May 2014 and it's in development.

I dedicate this project to a friend who is present in the first book although he is no longer in the everyday life but will always be in my heart.