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I made this story in the 2013.
The unfinished buildings are the place concrete and symbolic of the UNFINISHED LIVING.
Those people live in these building structures where consume their unfulfilled lives. They have been torn from their daily lives; people remain dormant, waiting for something to happen or for another place to go.
The house in the West common sense is the place of safety, the place where you feel protection. The idea of not having a house to live for many of us is inconceivable.
Refugee people live in this structure, most of them are Yazidi escaped by Daesh violence. The Yazide women were the subject of violence and persecution. Their guilt were their religious faith. Another cause of the persecution is evidently their beauty.
This building is located at the entrance of the Dohuk city. There aren't railing and the stairs haven't protection. Normally families occupy only the first level of the structure because in the highest floor the wind and the temperature are too strong.
They live in bad conditions. The garbage remain all around the buildings and children play in the rubbish.
The Yazida young blond girl lives with her family in an unfinished house not far from Lalish, the religious village of Yazidi people. The colour inside the house is blu, like the plastic used to close the windows.
Many of them are IDPs (internally displaced people) waiting for entering in a refugee camp, to flee elsewhere or even to return to their homes.
They live the present waiting for something to happen.