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The 7th kilometer tiredness
A series of urban photographies by Séverine Gautier
« I cannot quit La Havana, the worst thing is that I don’t know why ». Those words are spoken by a character from Leonardo Padura, the most famous Cuban writer abroad, almost unknown at home. Cornered between his departure obsession and everyday life struggles, Padura decided to stay, in spite of the 7th kilometer tiredness : the moment when everything should go better, that Cubans cannot overtake, whether in their history or their daily life.

In my series, Havaners seem overwhelmed by the waiting time inherent part to on the island. Simple daily gestures elsewhere in the world become here an ever renewing challenge.
Hoping for the return of a Golden Age long gone.
Recollecting a utopia as run down as the historical frontages in Habana Vieja.
Expecting and fearing a devastating future.