A Stranger.
Project info

- Would you still want to travel to that country if you could not take a camera with you - Nayyirah Waheed.
I love it to take Portraits of People I`ve meet on my way, the faces, the expressions, they tell stories. Last year I started my own journey, just me and my camera. Randomly I`ve met a girl and we both felt so familiar, so comfortable together. For one month it was just her in front of my lens and I captured her in a lot of natural situations. We both grew up so differently, there could not be a bigger diverse. I want to take all the people on a small journey, who can not do this or who are not brave enough to do it. Even if it is just for few minutes while looking at my pictures. I was not brave enough either, but I want to overcome my fears. With my pictures I will show the people how beautiful it can be if you just open your mind a little bit. What amazing things can be happen if you trust a stranger. And how easily life can be if you just let it flow. People are beautiful in every way. After nine month being on the road it was really hard for me to go back in "real life" and to get these both worlds together. With my small exhibition of all the portraits I found my way back home. It was like a therapy to me. To be honest, I`m not the best in knowing all the skills and the right technics but for me it is so much more important to have " the right eye" for the perfect situation. And I think I have this. I hope you can see and enjoy the things I see in my pictures. Have fun.