Project info

"WHEREVER YOU FIND ME, THERE I'LL BE" is a series of portraits of my daughter, which I do since several years. It represents a kind of a photographic search in which I try as a mother to find the way to reach my child.
I am a mother of one girl who grows up with both parents, a mother who is phisically present and a father who is phisically absent ,the musician who is on the road most of the time.
Photographing your own child is the activity which all parents do. I photograph my daughter since she is born. After 9 years I started to make a selection of photographies with the intention to continue photographing her. I don't try to tell a specific story about her, it's more about me, it's a story about a mother traying to be present, trying to occupate my child's attention, trying to turn my mental absence into a long voyage to her.