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Plastic Paradise | Archipelago de San Blas

Plastic Paradise is a photo documentary focused on the ecological situation faced by the Guna (Kuna) Yala people inhabiting islands of San Blas, Panama.

Currently, the San Blas Archipelago is nearly at the water level and as the global shifts in temperature and rising sea levels accelerate, Guna people will have become climate refugees losing their well-preserved culture and homes to the sea. In addition to climate change, Guna people face another issue, an ecological disaster, as there is no waste removal program and islands inhabited by locals are filled with rubbish. Being very conscious about the environment and its protection, Guna are a containing plastic waste as much as they can, however, with every big wave rubbish washes it out into the open sea.

In contrast, islands designated for visitors are free of rubbish, it’s pristine white sand raked to perfection complementing the sparkly Azul Caribbean waves leisurely washing over …… blissful, tropical paradise sought by tourists.

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