The Memory of Stone
Project info

My work is an exploration of the world of my imagination—a contemplative, otherworldly, and timeless place that could exist before or after man. It is my hope that the viewer’s imagination will be lost in the intimate space of the photographs. The stones draw you to them with a magnetic attraction. They bare witness to the primordial forces of the Earth—the raw power that moved and shifted huge hunks of rock to form natural stone sculptures. I try to capture the feelings I experience while standing before these primitively alien; beautifully monumental; mysterious and timeless objects. These are places that tell the story of Nature’s power.

Subjects of my photographs are stone formations of the Four Corners—a landscape that I love. All images were made with black-and-white infrared film. To engage the viewer on an intimate level; I make small prints, which are intended to act as a portal—inviting the viewer to take an inner journey. The final image area is 5.583 x 3.727 inches. Archival digital prints were made on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Fine Art Paper.