ameseginalehu, Ethiopia
Project info

The lack of water and communication; the emptiness of an endless road; the ancient costumes mixed with the contemporary objects. It is not easy to walk in the ethiopian lands if you are not opened to a new world and a new reality. Find the isolated tribes of the Omo Valley was an exercise of interaction, furthermore, a lesson of no judgements and respect.

As walking around each of the Tribes Mursi, Karo and Hammer, I realized the strength, resilience, power and personality running into their bodies and souls. I wanted a portrait, but not an ordinary portrait. I put myself in their shoes and I found myself completly isolated in time and space and so strong and vulnerable. I wanted to protect the women in the violent ritual, however, we can't interfere in someone's beliefs, specially if it happens for centuries. It's their truth, not mine. I found myself dancing around the fireplace on a heartfelt happiness and freedom.

Ethiopia has the first destination I choose to find myself as a photographer and to face a variety of unique and unpredictable situations that made a lifetime change in the way I see the world and its people. A trip that evoked all my sense of humanity, humility, compassion, love, respect and freedom, which I want to express here.

Thank you, Ethiopia.