life after the horror
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"He who has a reason to live, can bear almost any how." - Friedrich Nietzsche.
On May 2, 2002, the people of Bojayá suffered one of the most brutal attacks that the war in Colombia launched during the last 50 years.
One of several cylinders bomb exploded inside the church of Bellavista, causing the death of 84 people who were inside the building, during clashes by territory between two actors of the war: the Farc Ep and the paramilitaries.
Fifteen years later, a Bellavista relocated, struggles to transcend with a huge effort on the part of its inhabitants at this turning point in its history, marked on the skin and in the memory of each one of them and their descendants.
In a time of forgiveness and reconciliation among the Colombian people, day by day these people try to have their dead rest according to their tradition, while they, as direct victims, in the midst of decaying, hope that between the time that passes slowly in these places and their occupations, work as fuel to forget.
It is not at all easy, some divisions among them, the pain that still persists in some and the innate joy of their race, make a mixture in each of their hearts and that convey a different way of living to the new generations. Without fear of bullets, of displacement, of the past, thinking only of their individual future, of rising above their stigma and being known for their resistance to adversity, in their heroic existence nourished by a common spirit, but that has the strength to resist and persevere.