Simple portraits
Project info

Very simple portraits of ordinary people - not models. I meet delightfully beautiful people who are terribly embarrassed and do not believe in their beauty, do not like and think that they can not be photographed. Run off under the pretext of "I am not a model. I do not know how to do this."
By inviting them to my kitchen to have tea, I talk to them for hours, asking them, making them think and distract themselves, so that the muscular clips of their faces pass. And take a picture. Or some pictures. Because everyone is beautiful and everyone is unusual, if you look long enough and listen gently and carefully.
This is a very simple idea, but if I can bring a little kindness with a photo, then I really want to do it all my life.
Here are portraits of people who met me on the street, in a cafe, in a shop and anywhere else. People who said they are "ordinary ordinary people." Circus gymnast who combines accrobatics and work in the Russian Academy of Sciences. A schoolgirl who won cancer at 11 years old. Spanish teacher who raised her bilingual daughter and moved to Argentina. An archaeologist who makes scientific discoveries in Siberia writes a book, poems and music. In each of us there is beauty and an infinite number of miracles, if you look closely.