Mobility - People, Places and Things
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The thing about mobile photography is that its ubiquity and accessibility allow the creative side to emerge from people whose artistic abilities may otherwise remain in the shadows of daily life, or worse, never be explored at all.

Mobile photography opens up opportunity for just about anyone. In various articles and discussions, I've seen this portrayed as a negative - 'if everyone can do it, then it's no longer real photography or art'. Perhaps there's some truth to that thought process. Or perhaps it's the voice intimidation. Fear of the unknown. "What does this new medium mean for me?" The same voice that was heard when photography transitioned into the digital realm. But film is not dead. Not really. And photography is still as much of an art as it ever was, if not more. Mobile photography has just emerged as an endlessly innovative way to expand on it - quickly!

And that's the other thing about mobile photography - its speed. Production can happen very fast, from image capture to final product. Social media is a natural outlet for sharing that product, real-time, providing almost instant feedback on one's work flow. The speed, combined with the inherent versatility through many apps, filters and processing options, also encourages exploration of new styles. Instead of staying put in one type of photography - street, landscape, portraiture - fluid movement into new realms happens naturally. Exposure to the mobile photography work of others within growing social media networks serves to enhance that fluidity even further.

The exploration of new styles of photography in the mobile world has led me to the belief that there's no one genre I must adhere to. It's okay to try new things. In that spirit, this set of images represents personal favorites - not grouped for their similarity in style or subject, but for the simple fact that they speak to me.

All images in this project are pure Hipstamatic or Oggl - no additional editing or apping.