Night City
Project info

All cities have a certain energy about them. In some ways, the energy of a city gets amplified at night. Cities that are stark, deserted, maybe even a bit isolated become more so at night. The cavernous alleyways and abandoned avenues glare back at you from under the lonely street lamps, leaving you wondering where all the people are hiding, feeling a lot like a stranger in a strange land. Conversely, cities that have a pulsating lifeblood appear almost cinematic at night. People come alive, moving like clouds among the building facades and you feed amped up simply walking among them.

I crafted this project, Night City, as a means to escape into nocturnal urban exploration. I love architecture and exploring different cities at night gives me an excuse to go on the prowl. Exploring like this really allows me to highlight the different energy of the cities I get to visit, be it the back waterways of Venice, with abandoned gondolas splashing against the walkways or blending in with the clouds of high rollers in Las Vegas. Even my current hometown of Austin, Texas comes alive with a different feel and vibrancy by the lights of night.

--Carol Schiraldi