Toronto Island Portfolio
Project info

Toronto Island portfolio is one of three ongoing projects on land stewardship and use of our limited green spaces. Toronto Island was once a thriving community of several thousand people; however, in the 1950s, much of the Island was expropriated by metro Toronto, and many of the original houses were demolished. Toronto Island Park, like most urban parks, was constructed as a stylized wilderness environment for public use. Through out the park there are hints of the historical community old gardens tree line roads. This history is being slowly enveloped as the land changes. The Island Park now includes pockets of Carolinian forest, playing fields, beaches, sand dunes, and wet meadows that surround the small community of people who live there year-round. These images also document the lands the Park Workers use to build and nurture this multi use environment.
Chromogenic panoramic images five 22x12 and 42x22.