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Artists Statement:
One way or another it is a vulnerable situation making or capturing a person’s portrait. It can go straight from easiness to overstepping the boundaries of propriety. And we both know, that such a thing as truth not can be found in a portrait. But what if we capture 20?
We know that we are a split second universe, where nothing is as it seemed to be and ever will be, as it was.
So why do we proceed with portraits? Because we want to confirm our identity and not be forgotten. And because hundred years ago we took the portraits from the painters so we could have a modest, but safe income – since then both parties are starving.
We have a museum in Denmark, an old royal castle, where your portrait will be hung on the wall if you are rich, famous, scholar, scientist, powerful, artist, general or politician. And here comes the photographer saying that all images with people in principle are portraits, no matter how they perform, no matter whom they are. We don’t even know if it is the photographer or the person, who are the subject. Who cares? Let us play with the cards at hand.

Steen Andersen©2005-2014 all rights reserved